I Could Save You


I hate to see a friend of mine
Laughin’ out loud when she’s crying inside.
But you’ve got your pride…
Staring down the stars, jealous of the moon.
You wish you could fly. 
But stayin’ where you are, there’s nothing you can do
If you’re too scared to try…

I Could Save You 1

She was always a vision, always smiling, although I’m not sure she knew just how bright she truly shone. It was all a front, I knew, and I wondered how many people could see past the childish grin or the twinkle in her eyes. She never cried, either. At least not where people could see. But once, when the roar of the evening crowd was too much and I managed to sneak away just long enough to breathe, I caught her outside alone, leaning against the railing and staring up at the sky as though she hoped the wind would carry…

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